Main areas of application

Here you will find different application examples of our modular systems.

Security for authorities 

Officials and courts are often victims of assault. A quick and precise location of the alarm is essential.

Amok – security at public facilities 

Alerting: security in schools. Amok and hazard response systems. A special solution for German schools.

Lone jobs 

For „workplaces with increased risk of accidents“, the Workplace Ordinance and the Occupational Safety and Health Act stipulate that individual workplaces that are out of reach and visibility to other workplaces are to be equipped with facilities that can be used to call for help in the event of danger.

Time-critical messaging / alarm server 

The fast recording of fault messages and alarms.

Truck call systems 

Truck call systems – Efficient control without loudspeaker announcement.

Deaf alarm 

In many other countries already compulsory, so far unfortunately only to be found in Germany: The issue of special paging receivers for the hearing impaired.

Dementia alarm / walker protection 

Many people in old people’s homes are still very agile physically, but have lost their sense of direction. They move away unnoticed and expose themselves to great dangers, for example in traffic.